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Welcome to LAMS 2.3!

This release has lots of new features and improvements including a significant performance improvement. You can now run a LAMS server on small portable devices such as Netbooks or Intel Classmates.
LAMS 2.3 includes new features such as Support Activities which can be part of a learning design while outside the flow of the sequence of activities, Instant Messaging allowing teachers and learners to communicate while they are working on a LAMS lesson, LaTeX Equation Plugin so that mathematical equations and symbols can be used, Learner progress graphs and charts , a Gradebook which can record learners' results across an entire course, and a lot more.
There are five new tools in LAMS 2.3: Pixlr is an online photoshop-like activity; the Mindmap activity is a brainstorming tool in which learners can create their own mindmaps and create collaborative mindmaps with others; the Image Gallery allows Learners to add, rate and comment on pictures; a Video Recorder tool that enables Authors to add video and audio to a forum; and a full Assessment Tool to create tests and exams in LAMS.
We recommend you join the LAMS Community where teachers and developers share their experiences of using LAMS, including a large repository of LAMS sequences that can be shared throughout the world - a great place to start for good teaching ideas!
You can provide feedback on LAMS here, and view the LAMS Roadmap for upcoming features.
LAMS has now been translated into 28 languages by more than 55 volunteers. Want to help out?

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